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Peaceful Garden Peaceful Garden

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The melodies are hitting quite a few false notes. The beat is kinda bland. The mellow pitch changing lead is kindof unfitting. Either that or the drums are. It's decent, I smell potential.


VideoGameManiac responds:

I cant seem to find the false notes :P but ty for your rewiew!

"Melon-Choly" Rain "Melon-Choly" Rain

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good!

Some of the sounds are a bit too 'dry' for my taste. The melodies are flawless, sample choices are decent. 4.5/5 and rated 5/5.

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O Canada (Trance Remix) O Canada (Trance Remix)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I didn't vote because I dislike voting 3 or lower but eh,
it was pretty bad to be honest.

The lead you use, at for example 1:44 is very hardstyle-like while trance has to be smooth. The bassline is very basic but it fits. The melody is just very bland and seriously the lead kills everything. You are using quite a few layers and some are faded in the back when the lead starts playing(the bass effects), which gives a pretty ugly effect. At 1:30 you attempt to start a drop, but it build down isn't done probarly(it's like a really weird part inbetween the song).

It's also really really quick which makes me think even more; shouldn't this be in the hardstyle(which is techno) genre? The melody is not really smooth either, you hit quite a few wrong keys.

But hey, we all started like this, just keep up the work and you'll get better!

ToxInjection responds:

Thanks for the review!

To be honest, since I was really unfamiliar with this entire side of EDM in general, I didn't quite know if it'd be trance or not. I just went on my rather vague knowledge of the genre and asked my friend to be sure. Ended up naming it trance to be safe. If I had known this would be more hardstyle, I would have said that o;

Well, the melody had to be bland to an extent really. My teacher wanted us to remix the anthem but still be able to hear the main melody clearly. If you meant how I already remixed it, than I'll definitely try to mix it up a whole lot more. Though I'm not sure how I hit too many wrong notes, as my teacher gave us a sheet with the main melody of O Canada on it, and I stuck to the notation of it except for a few parts. If you meant those, then I apologize.

Everything else, I'll definitely keep in mind the next time I try out trance (or hardstyle I suppose). I wasn't trying to make excuses. Just replying to what you said.

Again, thanks for the criticism. I really do appreciate it! At least I still have time to tweak it before I hand it in (:

C23 - Spiritual Temple C23 - Spiritual Temple

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Is that the fruity love filter?

It's decent really, just a bit repetitive. The background sound is done a bit clumsily aswell(the deep sound), it's offbeat and a pretty bad melody quite clearly if you listen to it.

It's decent, it's very different at least and I like that personally.

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Chrausner responds:

Yes, that is.

I didn't realize until post-production that the background melody was off-beat. Editing and re-exporting the project takes too much time for me atm considering the amount of time I have left. I'll be fixing that issue later in the future (and possibly repetition).

Bunker Down Bunker Down

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Just listened this one after your 'Raging ranman'(or something lol). And I honestly gotta say this one is mediocre at best. The lead isn't fitting and pretty awfully mastered, the strings sound VERY bad(no offense) and the whole thing isn't interesting. At some points I feel like you should have added some delay or samelike filters.

Your beats are still amazing. I think you should honestly try to stick with industrial. The difference in quality is kindof huge- this one is alot worse than the song I listened before(other one instead, was really really good).

blackpanther6389 responds:

None taken man; you hear what you hear and like what you like. I appreciate the feedback either way bro!

Raging Ranman Raging Ranman

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You should do some kindof jazzy stuff with that beat/bass of yours, it's so darn catchy. I loved the entire track, alot of effort has been put into it, that is clearly noticable.

This is one of the best Industrial songs I've ever heard on Newgrounds(I've been a long time around, just not created an account before) and is currently by far the best in the top list here.

Keep it up, youre insanely good at this style.

blackpanther6389 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it =), and I appreciate the feedback. I'll continue doing what I can do!